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 RedHat Guild

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PostSubject: RedHat Guild   Wed Feb 20, 2013 12:06 am

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This is the official RedHat guild pages.

The Leader: Eiectra Wink
Guild Objectives: "To encourage each members, building a friendships, and to build this guild as strong as we can"
Guild Base: Server Cryce, Channel 7

Guild Grades Exclamation

Prime Minister: Level 40-50 loyal, trusted, and had a good attitude
Assistance: I will chose who will be assigned to this grade, loyal, trusted, and had a good attitude
Royal: Level 30 loyal, trusted, and had a good attitude
Loyal: Level 20 loyal, trusted, and had a good attitude
Red Army: It means you're a new comer and need some help just ask

How to become guild members? Question

To become a RedHat members you should first meet with my loyal members or me.

The Rules Exclamation

The rules are simple, encourage each members, and helping each others.
By doing this, i'm sure we can grow even more stronger, better, and building our teamwork.
I'm also announced, that every weeks you have to paid taxes.
Of course its doesn't mean i will enjoying and spend your golds, but these golds will be used for:
- Buying an amounts of potions
- Buying a good equipments
- Entering the Gap of Chaos
- Creating a team for PvP
- And much more.

Oh, and also we're opening for donations such as Insignia, Weapons, and many more.
It can be done with my Assistant, which is zerogala or PinkyLala. Very Happy

As the new updates has been implemented today (21/02/2013)
No more receiving insignia donations

Untuk Player Indonesia

Bagi yang ingin bergabung, silakan bertemu dengan saya di server CRYCE channel 7.
Dan bagi yang sudah bergabung ada beberapa peraturan didalam guild saya.
- Bagi yang baru bergabung, mohon guild profile diisi dengan nama asli dan negara
Contoh: (nama) (negara) > Kai IND
- Setiap minggunya kalian diwajibkan membayar pajak yang besarannya disesuaikan dengan level kalian saat ini
Contoh: Jika level kalian adalah lv.10 maka kalikan 100 gold x 10 = 1000 gold
Tentunya uang pajak itu bukan untuk saya gunakan bagi kepentingan pribadi saya, namun untuk kalian juga.
- Sisanya, kalian silakan menikmati keuntungan menjadi anggota RedHat bounce
- Satu hal lagi, dilarang mengirim invitation duel kepada player lain. Silakan melakukan duel hanya jika, kalian sudah meminta atau menanyakan kepada player tersebut untuk melakukan duel Very Happy



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PostSubject: Re: RedHat Guild   Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:50 am

Itu Logo nya Hacker gan Hadeh ga kreatif lol!
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RedHat Guild
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