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 How to build a good sin

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PostSubject: How to build a good sin   Wed Feb 20, 2013 10:41 pm

Hello guys,

as promised, i made a post here to talk about the things which I know and maybe also the things you guys interested in. My native is not English, plz excuse me for wrong spellings, grammers blah blah...

First of all, lets talk about the bosses and loots.
In theory, hero bosses drop everything apart from unique item, but there are 2 types of loots.
1. Bind to you, which always confirmed
2. Unbind, which must be unconfirmed.
for the unbind items, bosses drop them randomly, but for confirmed items, here are things you need to know.
1. Ges Nikplet, Medusa - necklace
2. Rich, Cryce - Rings
3. Mino, Eillisa - Weapon
4. Dashu, Light Estella - Head
5. Pentient Zerr - Armor
6. Dark Arcama - Shoe
7. Calamar - Hand
8. Mad Pronbarr - Ring and Necklace
Usually these bind confirmed items will be same level of the boss and also you can find epic only start from hell difficulty, not saying hard mode doesnt drop at all, but i rarely go to hard mode and so far i havent seen any, but surely you can get unconfirmed epic items from hard mode lvl50 bosses. Other important thing is, it is very difficult to get your own class confirmed item from bosses, i believe this is a trick in the game which annoies me a lot.

Ok, now you know where to hunt the stuff you need, now lets go to the topic about character stats and how to make yourself a bit more powerful.(since i play sin, i wont talk about magical classes)

There are certain things you need to know first which affects your dmg (physical classes)
1. WDMG - your weapon phycial dmg, you gain this from you weapon, it can also have additional physical dmg, by enhancing the weapon, you can increase this value largely

2. ATK, you obtain this from gemstone, like icis warrior gem add 105 to your ATK also as sin you should know 1 dex = 2atk power.

3. crit dmg increasement - this value is not available from your states screen, but you gain this from accessoires and unique weapon, glove, shoe (set effect as well).

On states screen, there are 2 of other things which may confuse you, first is ATK DMG and CRIT DMG. ATK DMG is a figure that i never look at, i believe it measures your normal atk dmg on mobs, which is largely affected by weapon dmg but slightly by atk power. CRIT DMG has another name as CRIT HIT, so dont be confused, it has nothing to do with DMG, even if you have lower CRIT DMG, with constant wdmg and atk power, you do the same dmg to same monster with the same skill but less chance for crit.

Now, i will talk about the relationship between atk, crit rate and crit dmg increasement. This part is my favourate, but also is the most complicated section in this game, u may find it is annoying, you may also find it is interesting.

Once we settle down with a weapon, then need to decide which gem and accessory we should use.

First of all, i would make only one suggestion which is maintain your crit rate at a fairly medium level and base on that increase your atk power and gain gear adding crit dmg increasement.
Here i give 3 examples:

1. Combat sin - since you guys have skill called master of war which add 30 percent boost on crit dmg. I would suggest you guyes to use acccessores adding crit rate. For your gem stone, i would say keep your crit rate more than 50 and rest atk.

2. Tech sin - since assassination has additional crit rate boost, we can just use 2 crit rate accessories, like rings, and put on a good necklace give 10+percent crit dmg increasment then keep crit rate around 45 percent as minimum then rest warrior gemstone.
3. My self, i started with putting crit hit gem into all my gear slots and wearing all my accessories with crit dmg increasement, but the problem was since my atk was only 700, my dmg was kind of ok when crit but without crit it was really bad. So i switched one ring to crit rate, since i start to get higher crit rate but lower crit dmg now, i started replacing some of my crit gem to warrior gem. Then my crit rate drops but dmg goes up, then I find the balance for my crit rate and crit dmg i can do on mobs, maybe these 2 figures dont change at all at the end, but there is one thing goes up, which was my dmg without crit, following the same strategy i replaced my necklace as well.

Overall, there is no best build, it is hard to decribe and decide which item is better, but there are ways to increase your dmg. Pursuing only high ATK Power or High Crit Rate is not correct, so dont mislead yourself. You need to find the balance between these 3 things. Good luck.

Something quick about pvp, how to win. You guys agree or maynot agree, my theory is atk is the best def. I will only talk about how to duel a sin. If you want to win the duel you need to listen to the sound, the 1 min waiting time can deicide if you win the battle or you quickly lose.

There are 2 types of sins
1. Combat, which walks fast, large range or thunder which stuns you. But they cant hide often.

2. Tech, alway hidden and stun when land assassination on you.

Before battle starts, first of all you need to find out which type of sin you are dueling with. You also need to know Form Shadow and Ghost Atk(Form Shadow is sin skill, which you see black smoke around sins body, this skill allows sin walk faster, and nullify 2 hits from you, Ghost atk is sin support skill, when tech sin use this, there is a 25% change sin goes into hiding after it)

you need to know the sound of form shadow, assassination and thunder.
1. if you frequestly hear assassination, then it is a tech sin.
2. if you hear more than 1 sound of thunder, thats combat, or 1 sound of thunder, thats a tech.
3. if you hear form shadow twice, one after another one, 5s before start, its combat sin, he will walk extremely fast and thunder + stun + kill you, there are many ways to avoid the thunder, need practise.
4. if you hear no sound during 1 min, but you find out it is a sin, then he is a noob, kill him
5. Increase your movement speed, dont spam your skill, dont walk straight, change your walk direction every 3 4 seconds, nerver go back from where you come when you changed your direction, no regular movement, but also you should NEVER move fast but within a super small range. Dont try run away from the one who is visible and chasing after you, you need to run into his face. For sor specific, dont think you spam your range skill and stand in the middle then you are same, i kill all hero medusa when she has the lightening shield on, she thought she was safe .

Finally, skills
Combat: taining 5, concentration 5, lotus booster 5, twin dragon sword 3, awaken darkness 1, lean awakening darkness 3, master of war 3, enhancing thunder sword 3, cutting ligament 3, modifiying weapon 3, Extreme powerful attack 1, others you can add yourself.

Tech: Learn special Attack skills 5, Enhancing hit 3, enhancing Ghost atk 2, recharge ghost atk 5, energetic assassination 3, black hole 1, learing hiding 3, assassnation endurer 5, learn log special attack skill 2, 1 point to learn call of dragon, you can add as you wish, black capturing is not recommended for this pont, then CoD 1, 10 points left, concentration must take 5, rest 5 there are several ways to add, either go for trainning if you want more powerful combat skill dmg or swormanship which add atk power and affect all your skills, i went down swordmanship 4, Fatal Engraved Branding 1(this point is useful for pve)

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How to build a good sin
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