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PostSubject: Introductions   Thu Feb 21, 2013 5:15 pm

Before you starts creating a topic in this forum, please introduce yourself first.
By introducing yourself, you're ready to starts making a friendships Wink

So, gimme a minutes to introduce myself.

Hi everyone, i'm Kai.
Some of you may already know me in game, but if you didn't know me, my IGN is Eiectra or Satsune. Embarassed
Know me already are you? lol, since i really like hanging around in Ella at CRYCE server (Channel 7), and able to spends my valueable times in the city, some of my members says that i'm more likely an NPC in Ella and it seems i enjoying it Sad
But, its not my reasons why i stay in Ella all the times. I was playing this game about a months ago, yeah i can feel how being a newbie in this game, you don't know where to go, don't have a friends, and don't know what to do. Me, i do leveling, leveling, and quests, this patterns was then stopping when "Dynah" inviting me to join with "Kingdom" guild Shocked
Can't believe this, but i've to thanked them as the guild and its members was gimme so much benefits, such as helping me with quests, leveling, and some was gimme a weapons affraid

And after reaching level 50, and know each members well, back to my main purpose which is established a Guild.
Then i'm leaving the guild and say goodbye to "swordger" Sad (i'me sure he is the good master at all).

Nah, being lonely and was level 50, now i gotta go helping anyone in Ella.
There, in Ella i was meet so many new players which need a help and guides.
That was my reasons, i'm helping every new players in Ella though...

So, don't call me as NPC okey pale

Yah, enough for me. Go, introduce yours in this pages.


Kai Cool
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