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PostSubject: NEW UPDATES 21 FEB 2013   Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:32 pm

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

● New
▷ New Character : Hunter
- Welcome Hunter!!
- Using bow for distant attack with various sub-skills. Possesses the longest attack distance.
- Gender : Male
- Weapon: Bow
- Sub-action : Backjump
- Talent: Archery, Hunting
- Upper class NPC location : Middle of right side in refugee area of Ella village and Driferr village

▷ New Dungeon : Southern Drauff Island
- Drauff nearby Driferr is calm and peaceful island. However, Cliff mercenary found ghost of pirates somewhere in island.
Cliff mercenary recognized the pirate ship is well-famous Vedella pirates’ one. And many mercenary heard this.
Vedella was famous with brutality, but had gathered great amount of treasure. This rumor is highly attracted to mercenary because many of them are struggling with lack of budget. The treasure of Vedella could bring a lot of money for mercenary. Now, mercenaries are gathering here to find the treasure.
- Suggested level: 50 level (Next to Dragonrise)
- Name of field : Drauff coastline, Cave, Sea cave, Pirates base, Vedella’s trap, Pirate ship Blackpiere
- Boss : Captain Vedella
- The highest compensation : 3 socket legend helmet for each character
- Special ingredient: Darken glacial steal, Drauff stone

▷ Battlefield of fame
- Simulating battle with other users based on character’s information only.
- You may enter by selecting battle button under the field button.
- You might be matched with the same level user who is either online or offline.
- Winner with 1 to 49 level gets experience rate and takes medal of fame from a loser while a winner with level of 50 gets gold and takes medal of fame from a loser.
- A loser loses a medal of fame. A medal of fame is reloaded by 1 medal everyday if you have less than 10 medals.
- Using earning medal of fame, you may enhance character’s ability or exchange it into enhancing chest.
- Supply chest contains equipment from upper-level to legendary, gold, or vehicle. In addition, you may earn legendary decoration with very low probability.
- 3 legendary decorations bring a set effect.
- In battlefield of fame, you may see opponent’s information by spending 10 cubic.

▷ Brave insignia and chest
- Brave insignia is new in-game currency instead of acorn and coin.
- You may purchase arena items or avatar using brave insignia.
- You may earn brave insignia as compensation from dungeon, mission or daily quest with low probability.
- Brave chest is available on exchange NPC in Ella or Driferr. You may exchange the chest with weapons, armors, decorations, or jewels.

※ Discontinued insignia will be exchange into gold as following;
Rookie mercenary insignia: 10 gold
Lower-level mercenary insignia: 50 gold
General mercenary insignia: 150 gold
Mid-level mercenary insignia: 250 gold
Upper-level mercenary insignia: 550 gold
Highest-level mercenary insignia: 100 gold
Blacksmith’s coin: 700 gold
Lulu acorn: 650 gold

▷ New jewels
- Wind Isis, Spirit Isis, Guard Isis, Trick Isis, Element Isis, Huge Isis, Strength Isis
- New jewels have various attributes and it applies different attributes depending on where you equip it.
- New jewels have better attributes than old one.
- During craft jewels, you may need special ingredients such as, darken ice glacial or drauff stone.

▷ New function avatar
- Function avatar helps various activities in village.
Great insight set: additional function on cook and appraisal
Detail artist set: additional function on crafting
Master craftsman soul set: additional function on enhancing
- You may purchase function avatar with function merchants nearby cubic shop or master NPC for each class.
- Unlimited avatars show stronger function than time-limited avatars.
- Function avatar set effect only shows when the same function avatars have been equipped in 4 different parts. Mixing different types of function avatar shows no set effect.

▷ Superior Enchant Lune
- You may purchase on Cubic shop under item menu.
- Success rate of enhancing items increases.
- When failed, equipment is not destroyed.

▷ New vehicles
- Sky board
- Jumping stick
- Magic carpet

▷ Searching
- You may select another user in the village to see the information such as, equipment, avatar, or achievement.

● Character
▷ Knight
- Pressing Sub-action button once lasts guard position for 5 seconds.
- Relieve way : During last damage, select sub-action button to stop

▷ Gunner
- [Cold mat] Abnormal damage during critical damage has been fixed.
- [Cold bullet] Fixed abnormal cold damage during performance.

▷ Sorceress
- Sub-action has been changed from Reloading Mana to Teleport
- Teleport allows you to avoid attack and requires 6 seconds as cool time.
- Talent related to sub-action has been changed.

▷ Assassin
- Lasting time for hiding reduced.

▷ Elementalist
- Improve overall casting speed for overall skills.

● Dungeon
▷ Smaller field
- Smaller field makes you easy to achieve quests.

▷ Gap of Chaos
- Now you may enter Gap of Chaos with either gold or cubic.

● System
▷ Register your device
- This system blocks other mobile device to log in your account.
- It allows only your device to log in your account and prevent hack into your account.
- If you need to change your registered device, please send your inquiry at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

● Display
- High resolution UI support
Now, you may enjoy high quality resolution better than before.

● Go to NPC

You may meet a NPC without moving in village.
NPC button is on the daily stamp screen.

● Help is available on game

In the game, each menu has a question mark which explains UI and game play.

● Connecting friends system

Stamina on hall of fame can be sent to friends and also you may invite your friends on contact of your mobile device.
You may send 1 Stamina to your friend on Elgard and able to send again after 1 hour.
You may earn 2 Stamina by sending invitation to your friend who are not currently Elgard user.
The invitation message may costs SMS fees.
Daily maximal Stamina you may send is 50. Invitation message is limited by 10 daily.
You may receive maximal 50 stamina daily.
You may reload stamina only on battle screen. You may not receive stamina when it is full.
※ One device can set only one main character. The character you played on last login is set as a main character.
Without Sim on the phone, you are not able to invite your friend.

● Daily stamp

Daily stamp may compensate items such as pirate’s key along with cubic.

● Compensation of level-up

From level 1 to 10, you may earn a horn on every level-up while pirate’s key is given from level 11 to 50.

● Pirate’s treasure chest

Honor supply, hero supply, and legend supply are not available in Elgard anymore. Instead, pirate’s treasure chest is available.
Pirate’s treasure chest is divided into equipment chest, avatar chest, and vehicle chest. It could be opened by not only medal of fame, but also pirate key.
You may earn rare item from pirate’s treasure chest with certain probability. Avatar chest and rare equipment are exchangeable with another user.

※ Announcement for iOS device

The list and option for possible earning items on pirate’s treasure chest appear wrong on iOS mobile device. It only displays different items but you earn the right one instead wrong item name on the list.
▷ High quality avatar chest (item on the list) -> Rare avatar chest (item you actually get)
▷ High quality wing avatar chest (item on the list) -> Upper wing avatar chest (item you actually get)
In addition, avatar and wing chest is not exchangeable. RNTS Media will fix this bug on the next update.

● Security process on field

This system prevent abnormal play on the field.
You may enter 4 letters, either alphabet or number without case-sensitive.
The system required not every entrance.

● Character patch



- Damage of shield skill increases.
- Damage of provocation attack increases.
- Damage of shield strike increases.
- Damage of shield prison increases.
- Damage of screwpierce skill increases while reduces delay to perform the skill.
- Damage of counterblade skill increases and add stun effect for 3 seconds.
- Cool time of Fiery Roar reduced from 60 seconds to 15 seconds.
- Cool time of Charge skill reduced from 8 seconds to 5 seconds.
- Cool time of Blade Storm reduced from 45 seconds to 35 seconds and reduced delay to perform the skill.
- Cascading Sword attack upgraded with reduction of cool time.

- The number of attack increases instead, increase power of High speed spin on Screwpierce
- Full power attribute increases attack power proportional to remain HP.
- Sword mastery attribute increases damage when critical hit.
- Precision charge attribute occurs when remove debuff.



- Reduces delay when performing each skill.
- Damage of Sword of infinity increases.
- Damage of Earth Splitting increases while its cool time reduced from 15 seconds to 12 seconds.
- Damage of Cyclone Strike increases while reduces damage by 50%.
- Damage of Soul Slash increases.
- Cool time of Murderous Vibe reduces from 45 seconds to 25 seconds.
- Amount of consuming MP for Rock Splitting, Earth Splitting, Cyclone Slash, Sword of Flash, Murderous Vice, and Slash of Soul reduces.
- Distance of rolling, sub-action, and invincible state lasts 0.1 second longer.


- On Centrifugal force attribute, Cyclone slash increases its attack power.
- On Balanced move attribute, Cyclone slash increases its movement speed.
- On Fluid motion, damage of sword of infinity increases.



- Cool time of S.O.L skill reduces from 45 seconds to 30 seconds and adds 1 attack after vacuum enemy.
- KA77 Grenade, KM-22 flash shell reduces delay when performing.
- Rocket launcher has 100% of down.


- Devlish bomb attributes has additional option of reduction 50% of fire-typed skill during performance.
- Massive casualty damage additional during S.O.L explosure.
- Massive fragmentation extends its range of explosion.
- Fire Arms Mastery increases damage instead of reducing mana consumption



- Cool time of sub-skill reduces from 6 seconds to 3 seconds.
- Dragonwind skill lasts longer.
- Amount of defense power reduces when perform cursed skills
- Teleport increases its distance.


- Previous: Passion of Fire Dragon stuns enemy under cursed -> Current: Fireblast stuns enemy.
- Quick finish attributes increase its damage to enemy under cursed.
- Dragon’s blessing has stronger magical attack power.



- Damage of twister skill increases.
- Damage of titan step skill increases.
- Damage of hail storm skill increases.
- Damage of wrath of earth skill increases.
- Spirit of hell removes its cool time.
- Cool time of titan step reduces from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.
- Cool time of wrath of earth reduces 40 seconds to 32 seconds.



- Cool time of ghost attack increases by 1 second.


Resistance of probarr against fire-typed decreases.
Fix the blocking character when hunting specific boss monster.
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