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 Gettin' Trouble After Updating

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PostSubject: Gettin' Trouble After Updating   Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:38 pm

As we know 21/02/2013 RNTS Media announced will implemented the new class and some updates. During that time players can't access the game as the server being closed.
But, after the updates were successful, so many players getting trouble, they can't enter the game after selecting a char and then pressing "Start" button, its more likely the loading bar stuck and after 30 secs a window popup saying "Lost Connections".

So, to fix this problems you should go to "Options Settings" > "Graphic Options" > "Graphic Mode" and chose "CPU". As we know, rendering the game with CPU will make it slower and eat more resources.
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Gettin' Trouble After Updating
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